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Outboard Exchange, LLC
364 Rope Ferry Road
Waterford, Connecticut 06385

phone: 860-437-0060
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Outboard Exchange
364 Rope Ferry Road
Waterford, CT 06385
New London County, USA
phone: 860-437-0060
fax: 860-442-7479
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Lower Unit


  • One-year Warranty
    on Remanufactured Lower Units
  • 90-Day Warranty
    on all used parts
  • Minimum Parts Charge
    is  $35.
  • Our Service Advantages

    All service work is done on a collaborative effort
    In order to maintain high quality workmanship on all service our mechanics work on a collaborative basis and combine their knowledge and expertise. All service projects are overseen by multiple mechanics to not only ensure higher quality of work, but to cut down on labor charges and service time. When a job is done off site a mechanic can send photos to the shop or to another mechanic for review. They stay in contact throughout the job in order to maintain a high quality of work, and save time.

    Save all used parts see what failed
    In order to help our customers prevent future problems, we save any damaged parts that are removed from the motor. We will be more than happy to show these parts to the customer and explain what may have caused the damage. One of our goals is to help you be aware of how to avoid the problem in the future, and therefore save you money.

    Extensive used parts inventory
    At the Outboard Exchange we have over 26,000 square feet of used parts. The ability to select a used part from our inventory for a job is often the deciding factor when deeming a motor repairable. We save our customers money on a regular basis by opting for a used part instead of the costly alternative.

    Estimate on repairs before the work is done
    We give a full parts and labor estimate on every job before we go forward with it. Providing you with all the information you need to make an educated decision on how we should proceed with the repair. It also allows us to review all the service and part options for your motor with you before we start any repair.

    Accounts with 10 different wholesalers
    Having accounts with multiple wholesalers ensures we can get hard to find new parts and lets us shop around for the best prices. It also allows you to receive your parts in a timely fashion (most of the time next or same day.)

    In business for over 15 years
    We have been providing service and building motors for over 15 years. This insures that you will receive reliable service and products. We have established many connections with marine service providers, shops, and dealers. This gives us the resources we need to complete jobs efficiently and get parts that many others can not.

    Remanufacturing services
    From the beginning we have been remanufacturing whole motors, power heads, and lower units. This means we have the knowledge and experience to build motors quickly and reliably. Using service bulletins and personal experience we replace and repair items that commonly fail or remove them completely.

    Fuel savings surveys
    We offer this service to give your motor the best fuel economy possible. One of the most common reasons for a boater to not use their boat is fear of gas prices and the amount of gas they will use on a simple fishing trip. Our goal is to lower the cost of your boating experience, allowing you to enjoy your boat more and more often.

    Google us, check out thehulltruth.com
    Our best advertising is word of mouth, made even more powerful by the web. You can visit boating forums and ask about us for your self or check out forum threads other people have written about us. Thehulltruth.com has a thread in which a potential customer was wondering about the quality of our remanufactured motors. After getting feedback from other members of the site purchased a motor from us.

    The Hull Truth Forum

    1 year warranty on all work and parts install
    A warranty is a very important part of the service you receive from any store or dealership. We offer a one year warranty on all service and parts installation. All warranty work is performed by us and completed in a timely fashion so you can get back on the water.

    An unbiased approach to repairs
    Every repair is started the same way, a 1960 motor is approached the same way a 2007 motor is. We start with spark and compression tests, these often tell us if the motor is good or not and point us in the direction of any problems the motor may be having. We are honest and up front about every repair, there are no quotas or need to order a certain number of parts for us to worry about. Saving you aggravation and money on your motor is our goal.

    Hauling offered
    When a customer keeps their boat in the water or does not trailer their boat we can haul the boat to the shop and perform the work that is needed. We can just as easily return the boat to the location we picked it up from via water or trailer.

    Put a cap on the amount you want to spend
    Often a motor is only worth so much to a customer or they are on a budget, so we can actually put a price cap on the job. We do this quite often and can call with price and status updates on a regular basis throughout the job. One of the reasons we see people get rid of a boat or motor or deem it “totaled” is cost. Working with the customer to stay with in a price range is never a problem and often we get the job done under budget.

    Many hard to find used outboard parts can always be found at our store.
    If you don't see it... call us phone: 860-437-0060

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